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Online Registration Agreement of Online Banking Services of
Metrobank (China) for Individual Clients

For the purpose of protecting the rights and interests, standardizing business acts and facilitating the healthy development of e-commerce, Metrobank (China) Limited ( hereinafter referred to as "Metrobank" ) and individual clients ( hereinafter referred to as the "Clients" ) applying for online banking services on official website of the Metrobank on a voluntary basis in the principles of equality and mutual benefit and with respect to online bank services hereby conclude the Agreement of Online Banking Services of Metrobank (China) ( hereinafter referred to as the "Agreement" ) as follows: "Online banking services" in the agreement mean self-service financial transaction services provided for individual clients by Metrobank via network; "transaction commands" mean requirements such as qualifying inquiries issued by individual clients towards Metrobank via network.

I. Rights and Obligations of the Clients

(i) The clients are liable for any transaction commands issued by themselves;

(ii) The clients should have legally opened individual accounts at Metrobank in accordance with the relevant regulations of the people's bank.

(iii) The use of online banking services by the clients means acceptation and agreement to the following terms and conditions:

1. operational rules and regulations of the official website of Metrobank;

2. operational rules and regulations for single and online banking services formulated by Metrobank;

(iv) When registering for online services, the clients should warrant to Metrobank that all information provided is true, accurate and complete, and in case of information changes, notify Metrobank in a timely manner, or otherwise be responsible for their own risks

(v) The clients shall comply with the relevant operational rules and regulations of Metrobank with respects to online banking transactions. The clients shall operate as required by the operational rules, prompts and terms and conditions and be responsible for their own risks if any.

(vi) Upon completion of registration by the clients, all online banking services shall be performed according to the functionality options provided on the official website.

(vii) The clients shall guarantees to login in the official website of Metrobank and use the online banking services in a legitimate manner and neither deliver any interference information nor attack online banking services of Metrobank.

(viii) The clients shall take care of their online banking user names and passwords already registered. For intentional acts or negligence on the part of the clients, including unauthorized usage of passwords by others attributable to inappropriate, careless custody, all civil responsibly concerning such financial transitions shall be borne by the clients.

(ix) The clients shall not in any way refuse to pay accounts payable for Metrobank due to their disputes with any other third party or parties.

(x) In case that any authorized use of individual accounts or online transaction records are found or suspected, the clients shall notify Metrobank in a timely manner.

(xi) Term deposits and notice deposits opened by the clients on the official website shall be used only for current deposits via the network.

(xii) Once failed or incorrect transaction commands are confirmed by the clients, the clients shall notify the customer service center of Metrobank within 30 days upon the date of erroneous execution. Hotline of Customer Services Center of Metrobank: 400-864-9000.

(xiii) All passwords shall be well kept, in case of locked passwords for USBKEY due to overrun times entering of wrong passwords, a purchase of second generation preset USBKEY is required.

II. Rights and Obligations of Metrobank

(i) Metrobank shall provide services to the clients as indicated by the functionally options of the system upon their successful online registration.

(ii) Metrobank shall correctly execute transaction commands of the clients received.

(iii) In the course of execution of the agreement, delay in funds usage resulted from malfunctioning of Metrobank shall be compensated in according to the Settlement Scheme of People’s Bank of China.

(iv) Metrobank shall be liable for legitimacy and validity of online banking software used.

(v) Metrobank shall have the rights to change, increase, decrease, suspend or terminate the online banking services in absence of prior notification of the clients.

(vi) Metrobank shall have the obligations to keep registration application information and transaction data on the part of the clients unless otherwise provided.

(vii) Charges for online banking services shall be collected and notified in reference to those of the banking industry. Metrobank shall have the rights to adjust standards for charges from time to time based on actual conditions.

(viii) Metrobank shall regard online banking login passwords of the clients as the only identification passwords and shall have no obligation to check other proofs for their identification.

(ix) Any notification for the clients issued on the official website of Metrobank shall be regarded as having being delivered to the clients.

(x) No responsibility shall be borne by Metrobank in case of the following conditions such as improper or incorrect delivery of online banking transaction commands.

1. Insufficiency of account balance or credit limit of the clients;

2. Account freezing or deduction of the clients by the competent authorities;

3. Actions of clients for fraudulent or other illegal purposes;

4. Incorrect operations of the clients as required by rules, regulations, prompts and terms and conditions of Metrobank;

5. No response on the part of the clients after the proper and timely notification of the clients for unclear, garbled, incomplete information by Metrobank;

6. Force majeure or other situations attributable to Metrobank;

7. Temporary lack of services of Metrobank due to clearing or maintenance of the system.

(xi) Metrobank shall have the rights to suspend or terminate online banking services under conditions that the clients have breached the agreement or other banking provisions. Termination of the agreement does not mean the suspension of outstanding transaction commands conducted previously, nor any legal consequences from such commands.

III. Statement of Bank

(i) Online banking services of Metrobank are subject to account conditions of the clients such as the loss of the account, payment suspension, account clearing and other causes, based on which the services shall automatically terminate as well.

(ii) All business transactions of online banking services shall be subject to the financial regulations and banking-related business provisions of the People’s Republic of China. Matters uncovered in the agreement shall be in conformity with banking provisions concerning business and financial practices.

(iii) In case any provision of the agreement is confirmed to be invalid for any reason, such provision shall not in any way affect the validity of the other terms of the agreement.

(iv) The agreement shall come into effect upon the click of the "agree" button by the clients, and terminate till the date of online banking services withdrawal.

(v) Upon execution of the Agreement, both parties shall fully implement the obligations hereunder, and any party who wholly or partially fails to perform the duties shall bear related responsibility for breach of the provisions and compensate the other party for the losses occurred.

(vi) No browsing result of the websites shall be regarded as legal basis but for reference only. In case of disputes or contradictions with bank records, written records provided by the bank shall prevail.

(vii) During the execution of the Agreement, disputes, if any, shall be settled through friendly negotiations. In case of negotiation failure, either party may apply for jurisdiction of the court in the location of Metrobank through litigation.

(viii) No links to other web pages provided by the official website of Metrobank shall constitute any scope of business of Metrobank. Metrobank shall bear no responsibility for the validity of the linked pages, as well as for the authenticity, accuracy of the information contained in the website.

(ix) Neither any assurances or guarantees for the clients have been made for the efficacy and safety of the network and telecommunication connections as well as for website, the virus protection, network security relative to Metrobank, nor any violation on the part of the clients shall be borne by Metrobank.

(x) Neither any assurances or guarantees for the clients have been made for legitimacy, effectiveness and compatibility of the software and software updating for the official website of Metrobank by Metrobank , nor any failure and loss on the part of the clients shall be borne by Metrobank.

(xi) The Agreement and disputes shall be applicable to the laws and regulations of the People's Republic of China.

(xii) Metrobank shall reserve its power of interpretation of the Agreement.

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